Caitlin Taylor (2020)

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News report with in-vehicle camera footage

On June 5, 2020, Sylvania Township Ohio Police Department Sergeant John Tanner followed Taylor after learning that her Michigan vehicle registration was expired. Tanner approached Taylor as she was backing out of a driveway. Tanner drew his handgun and ordered Taylor to turn off the engine and throw the keys from the vehicle. Taylor did not comply, but exited the vehicle at Tanner's demand. Taylor did not comply with additional orders. Tanner switched to his Taser, approached Taylor, grabbed her around the neck, and took her to the ground as she continued to resist. Officer Michael Wyatt arrived, and they stood Taylor up against the police car. Wyatt grabbed Taylor around the head while Tanner continued to attempt to handcuff Taylor.[1]

On May 12, 2023, Taylor filed a lawsuit against the department and the officers, seeking $30 million for battery, assault, deprivation of rights, and negligence.[1][2]


The incident was captured by Tanner's in-vehicle camera.[1]

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