Cassandra Dollard

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Service Record

Agency Williamsburg County South Carolina Sheriff's Office
Dates of Service Hired in 1992.[1]
Last Known Status Separated[1]
Agency Johnsonville South Carolina Police Department
Dates of Service Ended on April 5, 2002.[1]
Last Known Status Terminated[2]
Agency Lake City South Carolina Police Department
Last Known Status Separated[1]
Agency South Carolina Department of Public Safety
Rank State Transport Police Officer
Dates of Service Ended in 2014.[2]
Last Known Status Terminated[2]
Agency St. Stephen South Carolina Police Department
Last Known Status Separated[1]
Agency Hemingway South Carolina Police Department
Rank Officer[2]
Dates of Service September 30, 2021[2] - February 10, 2022[3]
Last Known Status Terminated

Incident Reports

2002 Poor Performance

Response Timeline

In 2002, Dollard was fired by the Johnsonville Police Department for "poor performance".[2]

2014 Complaint

On April 22, 2014, Dollard conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a flat-tire violation.[3]

Response Timeline

Dollard "was determined to have breached a number of [departmental] procedures during this encounter".[3]

2014 Complaint

In July 2014, a motorist filed a complaint against Dollard who "had become frustrated and visibly angry during the episode – to the extent that she struck the motorist’s vehicle with her hand".[3]

Response Timeline

An investigation determined that Dollard had not been wearing her body armor at the time of the incident.[3]

2014 Policy Violations

In November 2014, Dollard fired her service weapon at two dogs while on duty with the State Transport Police.[1]

Response Timeline

In 2014, Dollard was fired for "willful violation of rules, regulations, policy or procedure; improper conduct/conduct unbecoming a state employee and negligence in the performance of duty".[2]

2022 Death of Robert Langley

Cassandra Dollard booking photo
Cassandra Dollard

On February 6, 2022, Dollard attempted to stop a vehicle driven by Langley for failing to stop at an intersection. Langley did not stop and led Dollard on a high-speed chase. Dollard pursued Langley outside of her jurisdiction, and Langley crashed his vehicle. As Langley exited his vehicle, Dollard shot him. Langley was pronounced dead at a local hospital.[2]

Dollard stated that she had not seen a weapon before shooting, but that she feared for her life.[2]

The incident was captured on the police vehicle's dashcam.[4]

Response Timeline

On February 9, 2022, Dollard was arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter. If convicted, she faces 2-30 years in prison.[2]

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