Daniel Smith

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Service Record

Will County Illinois Sheriff's Office

Rank Deputy
Dates of Service June 1996 - November 2004[1][2]
Last Known Status Resigned.[2]

Virginia Illinois Police Department

Rank Chief
Dates of Service January 2022[1] - April 11, 2022.[3]
Last Known Status Terminated[3]

Incident Reports

2004 Forgery

In 2004, Smith was accused of forging three forms for his friends. The forms are typically submitted when a driver's license should be suspended.[4]

Response Timeline

In November 2004, Smith pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor charges, resigned from the Sheriff's Office, and was placed on two years probation.[2]

2022 Firing

On April 11, 2022, a local resident brought information on Smith's prior incident to the city council's attention. Chief Smith neither confirmed nor denied that he was the same person, though he did say that the case had been sealed and threaten to sue the resident for libel.[2] Smith's LinkedIn profile connects the two departments and timelines.[1]

Response Timeline

The Cass County State's Attorney's office stated that they were not asked to perform a background check on Smith before he was hired.[3]

On April 11, 2022, Smith was fired.[3]

On April 11, 2022, the Mayor noted that a criminal background check had not been performed.[2]

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