David Simpson

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Service Record

Cincinnati Ohio Police Department

Rank Sergeant
Salary $92,243 (2021)[1]
Last Known Status Retired[2]


2010 Training Award

In the fall of 2010, Simpson and other officers received a Training Award for helping to develop and train officers during the search for an abducted teenager.[3]

2018 Police Chief's Commendation

Simpson and other officers received the Police Chief's Commendation for "exemplary professionalism and outstanding teamwork" during a 2018 mass casualty event.[4]

Incident Reports

2007-2011 Dereliction of Duty

Simpson was Schroder's supervisor.[2]

Response Timeline

Simpson retired after Schroder's actions were discovered. The Police Chief claimed that Simpson retired quickly, "so there was no way for us to hold him accountable", and that Simpson had seen "the writing on the wall".[2]

2018 Policy Violation

Simpson was Officer Darren Sellers' supervisor.[5]

On November 13, 2018, Simpson did not complete a required form to properly categorize Sellers' hours as sick time.[5]

Response Timeline

Simpson received a written reprimand.[5]

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