Joshua Bergeson

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Service Record

New London Connecticut Police Department

Rank Detective (2017)[1], Lieutenant
Dates of Service 2007[1] - 2011. 2013 - current.[2]
Salary $91,112 (2021)[3]
Last Known Status Suspended

Incident Reports

2009 Assault

In 2009, Bergeson was off-duty and intoxicated at a club when he slapped a woman.[4]

Response Timeline

Bergeson received a suspension.[4]

2011 Absenteeism

Response Timeline

In 2011, Bergeson was fired for absenteeism.[2]

In April 2013, Bergeson was rehired.[2]

2022 First Amendment Audit

Response Timeline

The department conducted an internal investigation and Bergeson was cited for violating department policy regarding "respect and courtesy", "conduct unbecoming an officer", and "use of force reporting".[5]

Bergeson was suspended for eight days and ordered to take training.[5]

The New London County State's Attorney reviewed the report from the investigation and determined there were no violations of any criminal statutes.[5]

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