Julie Stahnke

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Service Record

Aurora Colorado Police Department

Rank Officer
Dates of Service 2002[1] - May 1, 2023.[2]
Salary $101,543 (2020)[3]
Last Known Status Resigned.[2]

Incident Reports

Julie Stahnke

2021 Domestic Violence

On November 22, 2021, Stahnke and her wife were arguing when Stahnke grabbed her spouse's arm firmly enough to leave bruises and "intentionally spit on the victim's face".[1]

Response Timeline

On November 22, 2021, Stahnke was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and disturbing the peace. [1]

On November 23, 2021, Stahnke was placed on paid administrative leave and ordered to surrender any firearms in her possession.[1][4]

On November 27, 2021, Stahnke was arrested for violating a protection order as she attempted to retrieve a vehicle from the house.[1]

In October 2022, Stahnke returned to the department in a non-enforcement role.[5]

On November 29, 2022, a judge found Stahnke guilty of violating a court order and sentenced her to 12 months probation.[5]

On April 28, 2023, the department completed their investigation and notified Stahnke that they planned to fire her.[2]

On May 1, 2023, Stahnke resigned.[2]

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