Mariyah Maple (2021)

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On July 25, 2021, Miami Beach Florida Police Department officers were conducting a traffic stop. As a bystander, Maple was filming the incident on her cell phone, when Sergeant Vincent Stella told her to "back up". Stella pushed Maple with his bicycle, and then used pepper spray on her.[1][2]

Police charged Maple with violating a new city ordinance requiring people to stay 20 feet away from an officer while an arrest is happening.[1]

Maple filed a lawsuit against Stella and two other officers, claiming they they violated her constitutional rights.[1]

On September 2, 2021, the charges against Maple were dropped.[3]

On December 6, 2022, officers Jorge Bercian, Kathleen Acevedo, Diego Rueda, Brandon Campos, Sergeant Jose Perez, Lieutenant Raymond Diaz, Captain Steven Feldman, and Major Enrique Doce were added to the lawsuit.[4]


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