Matthew Neal

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Service Record

Kansas City Missouri Police Department

Rank Sergeant[1]
Dates of Service Ended October 26, 2022.[1]
Last Known Status Resigned[1]

Incident Reports

2019 Assault

Jackson Co. prosecutor holds news conference

On November 14, 2019, officers attempted to stop two people they thought were suspicious. The men drove off and stopped at a restaurant. The men exited the vehicle, got on their knees, and put their hands above their heads as officers arrived.[2]

Neal took charge of the cooperative 15-year-old passenger and handcuffed him. Neal delivered a knee strike, forcing the victim's face into the ground. Neal knelt on the boy's head while the boy complained that he could not breathe.[2]

The boy was taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries, which included chipped teeth and a cut on his forehead.[2]

Audio of the incident was recorded by a vehicle dash camera.[2]

Response Timeline

In August 2020, Neal was charged by a grand jury with one count of third degree assault, a class-E felony.[3] Neal faces 2-4 years if convicted.[2]

On October 26, 2022, Neal resigned.[1]

On October 27, 2022, Neal pleaded guilty to felony assault and was sentenced to four years probation, during which he can not carry a firearm. Neal must complete an anger management class, have no contact with the victim or their family, write an apology to the victim, and surrender his state certification.[1]

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