Scunickenyatta Jenkins (2022)

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On July 17, 2022, Kingsland Georgia Police Department Officer Cameron Wilkinson stopped a vehicle for speeding. Wilkinson asked Jenkins, the passenger, for his identification, which he originally refused before providing his name and date of birth. Jenkins refused to allow officers to search the car for drugs, citing a lack of probable cause. Wilkinson requested that Camden County Georgia Sheriff's Office Deputy Christine Newman and her K-9 partner respond. Jenkins and the driver complied with a request to exit the vehicle and Jenkins started recording the incident on his cell phone. Jenkins initially refused to allow the officers to search him for weapons. Newman told Jenkins that she was "not playing", called for additional officers, and refused Jenkins' request for a supervisor. Deputy Alex Watson arrived and began handcuffing Jenkins before slamming his torso and head into a patrol car. Officers pushed Jenkins to the ground, took his phone away, and handcuffed him. Watson called Jenkins a "dumb motherfucker". The driver had started recording the incident on her cell phone, and Watson also took her phone.[1][2]

Newman walked the K-9 around the vehicle and had it jump into the car through an open window. Newman reported that the dog alerted to the presence of drugs, giving officers probable cause to search the vehicle. No drugs were found, though the officers did locate paraphernalia and "a green leafy residue". [2]

Newman complained to other officers that Jenkins had disrespected her and that she was "about to beat his ass". Newman admitted that her dog was not trained to detect marijuana.[2]

Jenkins was charged with obstruction of law enforcement officers and possession and use of drug related objects.[1]

The charges against Jenkins were dropped.[1]

Wilkinson resigned following a different incident during which he wrecked his patrol vehicle.[2]

The sheriff's office determined that the deputies had not violated any policies.[2]


The incident was captured on body-worn cameras. Part of the incident was captured on the driver's cell phone cameras.[2] Part of the incident was captured on Jenkin's cell phone camera.[3]

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