Tacoma Washington Police Department

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Tacoma Washington Police Department patch
  • Tacoma, Washington is located in the western portion of the state.[1]
  • Population: 219,346 (2020), making it the third-most populous in the state.[1]
  • Officers: 334[2]

Body Camera Policy

In 2019, the department started testing.[3]

In December 2020, initial rollout started.[3]

By March 2021, the city issued cameras to uniformed officers.

Technology Axon Body 3
Pre-Event Buffer
Activation Officers have discretion when needed "to protect the privacy and dignity of the community or sensitive law enforcement information".
Schedule Manual activation when engaging with the public in a a law enforcement capacity.
Victim/Witness Rights Citizens may request not to be recorded, but granting the request is at the discretion of the officer.
Retention According to city and state retention schedules and policies.
Source City of Tacoma



Policy Changes


The agency banned neck restraints to reflect changes in state law.[4]

The agency created a policy on the use of transport (spit) hoods.[4]


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