Christopher Meyer

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Service Record

Phoenix Arizona Police Department

Rank Officer
Dates of Service June 21, 1994 - September 23, 1994 (resigned)[1]; October 27, 1995 - 2020.[1]
Salary $72,426 (2018)[2]
Last Known Status Terminated

Incident Reports

State law allows for the purging of old information from officers' files.[3]

2000 Off-Duty Arrest

In November 2000, a complaint was made against Meyer "for excessive force during an arrest off duty." An investigation found that the allegation was "unfounded," but Meyer failed to notify his supervisor.[4][1]

2001 Car Crash

On January 13, 2001, Meyer was leaving a call. His windows were fogged over and the sun was in his eyes as he exited a private driveway, colliding with a passenger van. Meyer received a written reprimand.[1]

2002 Shoplifting Shooting

On August 28, 2002, Meyer was involved in a police shooting while working off duty. Meyer's actions were found to be "appropriate".[1] Details of the shooting were not contained in Meyer's personnel file, but a news report from the same day described an off duty officer working at a department store who tried to arrest a man and woman for shoplifting. The officer was wrestling with the man in a parking garage when the woman started driving the car toward both men, and the officer fired his gun.[4]

2018 Arrest of Dante Patterson

On January 16, 2018, Dante Patterson alleged that Meyer kicked him out of an amusement park and pepper-sprayed him without cause. The allegation was not sustained by the professional standards bureau.[1] Patterson was charged with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, and trespassing. Patterson pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. The aggravated assault and trespassing charges were dismissed. He was sentenced to six months' unsupervised probation.[5]

2018 Missing Firearm

On June 21, 2018, a firearm went missing from the police training facility where Meyer was assigned. It was not found during a search and the building was alarmed for the weekend. The firearm was located Monday morning, and Meyer's code had been used to deactivate the alarm over the weekend.[1]

2018 Off-Duty Conduct

In October 2018, Meyer received a complaint while working off duty at an amusement park. The woman told police that Meyer had "attempted to convert an enforcement contact into a personal relationship".[1]

In November 2018, police closed the complaint as showing "no employee misconduct". The victim did not cooperate after filing the initial complaint.[1]

2019 Detainment of Dravon Ames

Response Timeline

Meyer was placed "on a non-enforcement assignment".[6]

In 2020, the department's disciplinary review board recommended that Meyer receive a six-week unpaid suspension. The Chief chose to fire Meyer. The second officer received a written reprimand.[7]

In 2020, the city’s Civil Service Board upheld Meyer’s termination.[8]

Meyer appealed the decision to fire him.[9]

In 2021, the city's Civil Service Board upheld Meyer's termination, finding that he had been "incompetent or inefficient" as well as "abusive or threatening".[10]