Donnell Rochester (2022)

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On February 19, 2022, Baltimore Maryland Police Department officers Robert Mauri and Antoine Galloway located Rochester, who was wanted on outstanding warrants for carjacking and robbery. The two officers, joined by officers Connor Murray and Joshua Lutz, followed Rochester's car. When officers attempted to stop Rochester, he fled and evaded them. Rochester parked on a neighborhood street and exited his car.[1]

The officers approached, exited their vehicles, and activated their body-worn cameras. Rochester got in his car, ignored officers' commands to stop, and started to drive away.[1][2]

Murray, who was in the middle of the street and in the path of Rochester's car, fired three shots, jumped out of the way of the vehicle, and fired one shot as the vehicle passed by.[1][2]

Mauri, who was farther down the street, fired twice as the vehicle continued forward.[2]

Rochester - who had been struck - stopped and exited the vehicle with his hands raised before falling to his knees. Officers handcuffed him and provided medical aid until an ambulance arrived. Rochester was pronounced dead at the hospital.[1][2]

The incident was captured on at least one body-worn camera.[2]

Department policy prohibits officers from placing themselves in the path of a moving vehicle when possible.[2]

Murray and Mauri were placed on administrative duty.[2]

It was determined that the final shot fired by Murray was the only one that struck Rochester.[2]

On January 17, 2023, the Maryland Attorney General released their review of the incident, and claimed that voluntary manslaughter charges could be brought against Murray. The report also suggested that Mauri could be charged with attempted voluntary manslaughter as he should have realized that any threat had passed before he fired. The decision to charge offenders rests with the city's prosecutors.[2]

In January 2023, the Baltimore City State's Attorney declined to bring criminal charges against the officers, stating that they were in a "life threatening situation" and acted "reasonably and lawfully" when they fired at the vehicle.[2][3]

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