Pablo Vazquez

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Service Record

Agency Commerce City Colorado Police Department[1]
Last Known Status Separated
Agency Bertroud Colorado Police Department[2][1]
Last Known Status Separated
Agency Federal Heights Colorado Police Department
Rank Sergeant (2017)[2]
Dates of Service 2014 - March 14, 2020[3]
Salary $89,305 (2019)[4]
Last Known Status Resigned[5]
Agency Platteville Colorado Police Department
Rank Sergeant
Dates of Service March 2020[5] - December 2022.[6]
Salary $50,011 (2020)[7]
Last Known Status Terminated[6]

Incident Reports

2019-2020 Complaints

Vazquez was the subject of five investigations by the Internal Affairs department.[3]

In September of 2019, Federal Heights police put Vazquez on a performance improvement plan, noting that "Sergeant Vazquez's documented failure to provide adequate supervision presented a significant risk of liability to the City of Federal Heights and the safety of the officers under his supervision".[3]

A Federal Heights police officer said, "Sergeant Vazquez operates with a lack of care for his own safety and the safety of his officers. Sergeant Vazquez appears to be incompetent". Another officer said he had "lost confidence in Sergeant Vazquez as a leader".[5]

An officer reported that he "felt unsafe working under Sergeant Vazquez and was concerned that the Sergeant's method of supervision was putting himself and others on the shift in danger."[5]

Response Timeline

The Federal Heights police commander recommended a two-day suspension.[5]

In 2020, a Federal Heights supervisor recommended that Vazquez be suspended and demoted for failing to follow the performance improvement plan.[8]

2022 Phone Tampering

In January 2022, Vazquez tampered with a co-worker's cellphone.[3]

Response Timeline

The Chief called the incident "inappropriate" and gave Vazquez a reprimand.[3]

2022 Arrest of Yareni Rios-Gonzalez

Response Timeline

In September 2022, Vazquez was placed on paid administrative leave.[9][5]

Vazquez was charged with five misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment, and one count each of obstructing highway or other passageway, careless driving, and parking where prohibited.[10]

In December 2022, Vazquez was fired.[6]

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