Atlanta Georgia Police Department

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  • Atlanta, Georgia is located in the northwest portion of the state and serves as the state capital.[1]
  • Population: 498,715 (2020), making it the most populous city in the state and the 38th most populous city in the United States.[1]
  • Officers: 1,447[2]

Body Camera Policy

Atlanta started rolling out body-worn cameras in 2016.[3]

In May 2019, the department stopped participating in joint task forces with federal law enforcement groups as they would not allow Atlanta officers to use body-worn cameras while operating in the task forces.[4]

Technology Axon
Pre-Event Buffer Duration unknown.
Activation Manually "as soon as it is practically possible".
Schedule Normal work schedules, extra jobs, and overtime.
Victim/Witness Rights Homicide and SVU personnel have the authorization to restrict videos pertaining to their cases.
Retention In accordance with state requirements, typically five years.
Source Policy Manual, SOP 3133, effective May 5, 2021.[5]



Policy Changes


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